Helping People Increase Their Online Presence One Post at a Time

Stand Out From the Crowd

Don’t be just another rock along a riverbed, find ways to get noticed. After all, one of the easiest ways to go out of business is for no one to know you exist. Our goal is to work with you to create relevant content that engages your audience into talking about you and your product/services. We aim to create content that is original and will share your passion and your story to help you stand out.

Engage Your Audience

Like any successful musician, the good ones engage their audience during a show. Social media works the same way. ┬áMany people believe social media is all about the number of “likes” or “followers” when in reality its the engagement of your audience that is what counts. We work with you to create content that motivates action and keeps them coming back for future interactions.

Good Creative Always Wins

With everyone having the ability to take photographs and make video using smartphones, quality is now more than ever subjective. What you need to ask yourself is why I am taking a photograph or making this video? Our goal is to create good creative that allows you to showcase your talent and not be just like everyone else.

What We Do:

  • Content Creation Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Photography Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Services


About Us

At Mike & Mike Media, our purpose is to help small businesses with limited marketing budgets increase their online exposure. We aim to tell our clients stories that will help build relationships with their audiences. Thus in return, they are provided with more opportunities to increase sales of their products and services.


We focus on content marketing and social media services so our clients can do what they do best–close deals and run their business. We manage and maintain social media accounts that not only creates and posts content, but finds ways that will better engage your audience and while building your brand reputation.


We are based in Antioch, CA (Contra Costa County) and service clients in the East Bay and in the Napa Valley areas.