Stop Cross-Posting, Instead Tailor Content to a Specific Platform

When distributing company content, one must first decide what platform it is going to be distributed on.Is it a press release sent out to newspapers and magazines? Or is the company going to try and reach its own audience. Often times, small business owners will produce a single piece of content and distribute that same piece in it’s original form on multiple platforms.


This could include:

• Company Website/Blog
• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube
• Instagram
• Snapchat
• Tumbler
• Press Releases to local news organizations


By distributing the same piece of content that is meant for a company website and simply linking it to all social media platforms, that is a recipe for failure.


It’s also lazy and the “BS” meter from your audience will see it and ignore it as opposed to engaging with the content or message–sorry, but its the truth.


Instead, one has to put in the work and tweak that single piece of content for each specific platform it should be distributed on. For example, what works Twitter will not work on Instagram. What works on Facebook will not work on Tumbler and so forth.


Furthermore, each platform a company has will have a different user base because each platform provides a different experience to its users and thus creates different reactions and outputs.


It seems these days that most businesses are interested in quantity versus quality informational posts or photographs thus it becomes “spamlike” and filler content.


The best cure for this is to put in the work on solid messages and platform specific designed content. It takes more time, sure, but it also shows a company cares enough not to spam your news feeds.