Why You Should Launch a Facebook Business Page


When sitting with clients, the first question they always seem to ask is what can be done to create more exposure for their business. Immediately, the discussion evolves into social media and use of a Facebook Business Page.


After some back and forth the concept of the type of account comes up and it turns out people are using their personal page to promote their business. In reality, they should be using a Facebook Business Page--for help on how to do this, visit www.facebook.com/business/learn/set-up-facebook-page.


Even in 2017, people have not caught on that if you don’t have a Facebook business page; you are making a mistake and missing out on potential connections that could turn into leads. Quite frankly, it is easier to search for a business rather than attempting to find a person.


For example, if I had never created www.eastcountytoday.net as a “business page”, it would have never grown the way it would have under my name. I’d also have been limited to just the first 5,000 people who wanted to follow me instead of 61,000.


Here are three benefits of why you should create a Facebook Page for Business:


You Stop Spamming Family and Friends With Offers
People need to remember what exactly social media is—a way to communicate. Many times people use their personal page as a sales platform for whatever product they are selling—that is annoying. Remember, not everyone needs to lose weight, wants to enter a contest you are hosting, earn a discount at a store they will never shop at and so on. While passion is a great thing for what you do, moving to a business page is the place to do it.

Save your personal page for “fun” things such as photos of the kids, pets or everyday things. People want to be your friend because they like you, not be pressured into buying things from you.


Reach and Advertising
When you are a Facebook Business Page, it is actually easier for people to find you and you find them because of the targeted audience features. You can create ad campaigns, boost posts on target audience as opposed to blindly throwing out a campaign and seeing if it works. You can get real data and adjust accordingly. If you audience grows, you are doing something right.  On a business page, customers/clients can leave reviews while you also could work with other influencers. Finally, unlike personal pages which are limited to 5,000 friends, business pages are unlimited in the size they could become. From this page, you can easily update your audience with a single post which will drive traffic to your website.


Its More Professional
If you don’t have a business page, it shows you don’t know what you are doing and may be a turnoff to customers. By having a business page, it gives you a little bit of credibility to start off with and you can increase that credibility as time goes on with valuable and good content. It is where all your business relevant information can be placed.


Privacy Concerns
By having a business page, you will have complete strangers “like” your page and it doesn’t impact your personal page—or personal information you choose to share. By having a business page, you are relieving privacy concerns and complaints.


If you still do not feel the need to convert to a business profile page, there is always the idea of working in Facebook Groups, but again, you are missing out on potential clients for the long-run and I encourage you to stop thinking so short-term.


If you are considering converting to a Facebook Business Page, consider creating a plan which includes type of content to be created, frequency, and visually appealing content. If you need help with it, we can help you and encourage you to contact us.