Engage Your Audience


Like any successful musician, the good ones engage their audience during a show. Social media works the same way.

Many people believe social media is all about the number of “likes” or “followers” when in reality its the engagement of your audience that is what counts. When creating social media content, create it in a way that will motivate your audience into action where they can share or comment on a post.

Here are 5-tips on how to better build your social media strategy to create engagement:

  1. Become Consistent: If you are posting consistently, the more often people will see your page.
  2. Post Relevant Content: By creating content relevant to your agency/business, it will create an easier transition for engagement and discussion on your page– whether it be you directly, or other people who follow the page. Either way, you want discussion on content that will help you get your message across.
  3. Respond to Comments: This is easy, if someone gives you praise, just say thank you. By taking time to respond to peoples comments, it shows they are not talking to just a computer, but that their is an actual human monitoring the page. If someone is leaving negative information, it is your chance to either identify a problem, get more information, and fix the problem. Always remember when responding to comments, take the high road (in most cases).
  4. Not everything is about your website: Not every post has to link directly to your website and not every post has to be encouraging people to buy things. Instead, build your social media page around conversations, not sale pitches.
  5. Content Sharing: Believe it or not, by sharing other peoples content, they are more likely to share yours which creates more exposure. This not only helps you build credibility with others, but it highlights you value good content and are willing to share it if it provides a value to your audience.

If you need someone to work with you to create content that motivates action and keeps them coming back for future interactions, email us at info@mike2media.com and we can assist you.