Content Creation


Content is king because frequent content creation is vital to the success in any business. It should not be treated as a chore or taken for granted, but rather incorporated into a business strategy and company culture.

Most companies today suffer from lack of updates to their company website and social media. In today’s fast paced world, if you want the exposure, you need to consistently be thinking about content creation. Right now, if you are not putting out company news, product/service updates or engaging with your audience, you are losing. If you are not being seen, chances are your competitors are!

Mike and Mike Media Content CreationOur goal is to create fresh content that will provide you with additional opportunities to gain clients or make more sales–while providing a great user experience from your social media visitors.  We aim to create an action that will drive your business to new levels.

With success content creation tactics, you have a plan for content on your company website as well as your social media platforms. This includes blogs post, email messages and paid ads–this will in return help you develop new leads.

Some of our content production services include:

  • Business Blogging – We can help create content for your business by creating material of your choosing or providing the topics to pick from. One example, can be found on
  • Event Marketing – Let us help you plan outreach for your event that will increase not only attendance, but also exposure.
  • Marketing Material– If you do not have a marketing person, we can help fill this role to produce material to better reach your customers.
  • Newsletter – Do you want to produce a newsletter, whether it be monthly or quarterly, we can help design, write and distribute the product.
  • Press Release – We will work with you to develop press releases that will be distributed to local and national news media.
  • Social Media Campaigns – We will work to produce a campaign that includes a series of posts that will help grow and maintain your audience.
  • Website Copy/Updates – Would you like to update the content on your website or add new information, we can help improve website content.

We would love to work with you to create a plan.


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