Event Promotion


Working with Mike & Mike Media on event promotion, we will assist you in creating a campaign within your budget using a variety of options that will help get your word out from paid advertising strategies, to utilizing free platforms that will build word of mouth campaigns.

The whole goal of any event is to get people to show up, yet many times events under-perform not because the event is bad, but because the awareness was poor. Marketing an event is a full-time job yet people planning events sometimes don’t realize how much time and resources are needed to successfully raise awareness to the community that it is happening.

One thing to consider is creating realistic goals because there are a lot of factors at play. This is not the movie Field of Dreams where “if you build it they will come”, you have to target ads correctly, track campaigns, and figure out the biggest bang for the buck based on conversation rates.

Our goal is to make this an easy process for you by understanding your wants and needs and then implementing the strategies necessary to not only create an awareness, but stir a buzz built on excitement.

Our strategies will include a combination of:

Quick tip: Even if you don’t utilize our services, be sure to include the following when you send out information on your event: Who, What, Where, When, Why!!!¬† You would be surprised how many people are promoting an event where more questions arise than are answered. The biggest thing to focus on is the “why” because you want to showcase the events purpose and why people should show up.

If you would like to work with Mike & Mike Media on any form of event promotion, please email us at info@mike2media.com. To add to our calendar at no cost, click here.