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We believe one of the most important aspects of any successful campaign is magnificent  photography. We offer a variety of photography services at Mike & Mike Media.

Whether it is in our in-house studio, your location or somewhere outdoors, our experience will result in beautiful photographs that will tell a story.

Mike and Mike Media Photography ServicesCorporate Photography
Whether it be photographs from around the office, products, in the field, we can help you build a library of photographs that can be used for years to come. We shoot photography from products to food. Workers in action. Buildings, office spaces, cityscapes. You name it, we can shoot it if it helps grow your business.

Basic Headshots Available

Professional Headshot:
In a world that has become so visually centric, now more than ever it is important to have a professional headshot. A photograph is the first thing people now seek out before they meet you.

For example, you have a new client, but you have never met then. A person who knows what they are doing in business is going to seek out any information about the client—starting with social media whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Bottom line, a photograph is the first thing people will see.

Because it is the first thing people see, headshots are not just for corporate America anymore, it’s for any business professional—or even those seeking jobs or a career change. It could also be used in biographies, guest columns, author bylines, etc.

A great headshot is the first step to establishing credibility.

Event Coverage
If you are looking for someone to cover your grand opening, ribbon cutting, corporate event or any other event, our team will be sure to get key moments, action shots, and plenty of candid photography that will help tell a story.

Our photographs will also help you build a public relations library or simply be used to push out onto social media platforms. During event coverage sessions, we will pre-plan with you an agenda and understand what your needs are and the shots you must have. We also will gather a list of VIP’s and be sure to get photographs that include them. For additional event photography samples, visit our Facebook Page. Many of our photographs have been used on

To schedule a photography session or if you would like more information, please email You may also contact us directly by click here.

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