Video Services


At Mike & Mike Media, one of the biggest needs we have seen from our customers is incorporating our video production services into their overall branding and marketing strategy. When done right, video is more likely to inspire action versus traditional print content.

Aside from a solid social media presence, video is single handedly one of the most important mediums you should be implementing into your branding/marketing strategy. A high-quality video production content helps build trust while telling a story.

Mike and Mike Media Video Services

Its no secret that conversion rates increase when you incorporate some form of video into your overall strategy to build awareness and reach potential customers.  In fact, one of the single best tricks to creating a video is to simply replace some of your written content and turn it into a video—for example, a 500-750 word explanation can be turned into a 30-second video. As a bonus, you can personalize the message.

Finally, what most people don’t realize is video can improve search engine optimization and visibility of your website when done right—even if the video is placed on YouTube. Video is also mobile friendly which leads to more conversions.


Video Services

  • Announcements
  • Commercials
  • Corporate
  • Documentary
  • Editorial
  • Fundraising
  • Political
  • Promotional
  • Training
  • YouTube Video Production

Please note: when it comes to pricing videos, please understand that no two projects are alike and every video is different with many contributing factors. As a baseline, videos start at $500 and go up. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us and tell us a little bit about your project.

For a sample of some of our videos, please visit our YouTube Page.


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