Quality B-Roll Video Matters


Today, more than ever, Quality B-roll video material matters when producing a quality video that will get people to take action on your message.

The truth is, people expect it and for those of you who don’t know what “B-Roll” is, it is simply cutaway shots or generic video that makes a story more visually appealing.

For example, during an interview of a firefighter (A-Roll), rather than just talking to the firefighter, B-roll is cut in of firefighters possibly working an incident—it is secondary. You will see this in almost every single news story on the nightly news.

quality b-roll video mattersThe purpose of B-Roll Video is pretty straight forward:

  • To enhance the video story by making it more interesting
  • To add context and additional background to a story
  • To hide video cuts or transitions

Some tips on getting B-Roll for a story:

  1. Scout out the location before you shoot – just don’t start shooting and hoping for the best. Be strategic on where you want to shoot and consider a variety of factors such as lighting, time of day, etc.
  2. Plan your shots – what will you be shooting and how will you shoot them? Depth perception matters along with the backgrounds.
  3. Make a Shot List – write down ahead of time all the shots you want to get. By doing this, it will keep you on task and ensure you don’t miss an item in your plan. This will also save you time when editing.
  4. Schedule – Create a schedule and stick to it. Be over-prepared and plan for things that may go wrong—this could even be broken down all the way to battery change outs to set-up and take-down. Trust us when we say being on schedule actually provides you more freedom while shooting.

If you need help shooting b-roll or coming up with a video plan, we would love to help you out. Simply email us with your question.

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