How to Promote Your Event and Get Results


In this video, I discuss basic strategies for how to better promote and market your event. These tips and tricks are aimed to be cost effective that should get you results without spending any money.

It is much more than just posting an event and think people will come… you have to do the work. Facebook IS NOT the end all solution, you have to do much more work than that!

Strategy 1: Come up with a marketing & event plan

Strategy 2: Facebook – a great tool, but don’t think just because you post it, everyone will see it. Don’t think that an announcement is promotion. You need to do many other things outside of Facebook to ensure success.

Strategy 3: Press Release – I know, it is old fashion but they are valuable and get the job done when written right. While they are often overlooked it is something that can be posted in multiple locations. In a press release, however, MOST IMPORTANTLY, don’t focus on one publication, send to everyone you can within a 60-mile radius of an event. NOTE – its also okay to send multiple press releases as your event gets closer.

Strategy 4: Event Calendars – use them. Most are free and please post more than 1 line, put in the full description and as much info as possible.

Strategy 5: Ticket sales – make buying tickets as easy as possible with direct links and an easy process.

Strategy 6: Email List – With event promotion, these are key. Keep track of who buys tickets and who is interested. These are your core audience because they are interest. Be sure you can track them for the current event, but you can market to them in the future.

Strategy 7: Photography & Videos – invest in them! Get off clipart and get real photos and create solid promotional material to provide visual appeal for what the event will be.

Strategy 8: Messaging – Stop trying to sell, instead sell the idea of WHY someone should attend.

YouTube Video: Click here.

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