Simply put, at Mike & Mike Media, we believe everyone should become their own media company which is why we offer a variety of services around the City of Antioch and across the San Francisco Bay Area.

We work with a variety of both public and private entities to help them gain more exposure with their target markets. Whether its simply raising the profile of our client, showcase success stories, or simply sell a product, the rules have changed of how to reach a target market.

ServicesIn today’s world, it is time to stop relying on news media or magazines to carry your message and instead beat them at their own game by becoming an authority figure by creating your own media company.  Our team will work with you to ensure you have a website and tools capable of not only branding your business, but storytelling.

This includes producing media ready material, utilizing social media the correct way, and reputation management. If you need ad buys that will help put your brand in front of people, we can help you decide what markets will work best.

Under our watch, we work with you to become the authority figure in your field and become the go-to source for industry information while telling your story and building your brand. Our areas of focus include:

Our services are designed so that we will become your “in house” branding and marketing department to help you grow your business and reach your goals so that you can focus on the areas you need to focus on.

For some of our sample videos and branding efforts, visit us on YouTube.

For more information on all of our services, click here. You may also email us at to request more information or set up a meeting.